The importance that robotics has had in our current world is indisputable. The same can be developed a simple robot as one with the ability to carry out human tasks. Over time these humanoids will be so complete that they will become so human, or almost as human-like, in appearance, of course.

For many years the human being has developed machines capable of moving by themselves, with the help of electronics and mechanics.

It was in the 17th and 18th centuries that mechanical dolls with robotic characteristics were built in Europe.

In the mid-18th century Jacques de Vauncansos built several human-sized musicians. Basically these were mechanical robots designed for fun.


Also in 1805 a doll was built that was capable of drawing drawings, its creator, Henri Maillardert. In this, cams were used to carry out the drawing action.

Currently, electronics and computer programs, microcontrollers, etc. are used for the development of robots, as well as sensors, motors and mechanical parts to carry out the execution of the movements.

But there is something we should not forget, the human brain is difficult to imitate, so I believe that there will be no robot that can emulate it as is. We can see them in their human form, but not thinking like us.

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